week 5 review history, Ramses was a fool! …or is he

Tutankhamen was secret

Tutankhamen is what was called a “boy king.” The thing that everybody is so obsessed about is mostly that he died your and that his tomb was really well hidden which led to them being able to find how they preserve him. He only reigned about ten years. He was found by Howard Carter in the early 20th century. Tutankhamen was well preserved; he wasn’t, awkwardly, laying on the ground with is his body flung over a chair, and his legs thrown over his head while he’s still leaning over his chair with his rotten self. His grave wasn’t discovered by grave robbers, which must mean that the was pretty worried about what happened to his ancestors.

Amenhotep IV was monotheistic, but…

Amenhotep IV was a Pharaoh of Egypt. He got Egypt of the complicated pagan Egyptian believe that you have to worship 5 bajillion gods daily. Amenhotep had this idea that only 1 god exists. (I wonder where he got that idea… maybe he was looking for something like the Israelite religion but wanted to keep his power) that was sort of getting on the right track of the Israelites but wasn’t even close via God. While true It’d help the population get on track to being able to adopt monotheistic Christianity, it was still the Devil believe.


was a


…or was he

Ramses II (“The Great”) was a well known Pharaoh who fought the Hittites. Ramses was s a fool… or maybe he wasn’t. During his regime, he fought many people groups and made an empire. During one battle against the Hittites, Ramses fought against the Hittites. In that battle, there is a bit of debate on what happened. The official story is, he charged in so brutally that he left all of his troops behind and barely escaped alive… for the Hittites. The Egyptians simply believe that he crushed the Hittites… obviously, both sides want their side to look the best.


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