lesson 30, Israel

The country of Israel (a so called “Jewish state”, whatever that means) is located north of sinai, west of Jordan, south and south west of Lebanon and Syria. In there is the fertile area in the north. In the north a tourist was visiting. His name was John. There was nothing where he was, he was in the countryside. The area he was in was pretty normal. It looked a lot like American countryside. In the area, there was a highway next to where he was next to where he was staying. He was staying on a pasture where they were grazing goats. He was staying in a rented out house. In the house, he was doing nothing to peculiar. He was about to take a trip to Jerusalem. He was only about 20 miles away from Jerusalem. He was about to take the voyage. He was going to let his host know that he was leaving.

“I guess if I go to the part of Jerusalem that Jordan claims, I’ll be disputably out of the Holy Land!”

“No, if nothing else, all of Jerusalem is the Holy Land,” replied the host.

“No Israel is the Holy Land; if all Israel is holds is the part of Jerusalem, that’s all the holy land”

“Well, are you saying that geopolitics is what effects what the Holy Land is?”

“Well uhh… not exactly. This what I was saying. Maybe we should stop this argument.”

So he drives into Jerusalem to go sightseeing.

The first thing he does is he goes to eat at a restaurant. He happened to be able to eat western food… at least he thought. When he ordered a hamburger, he got a culturally modified hamburger. When he told them how a hamburger is supposed to be, they were confused. They asked him what a western hamburger was like.

“I’ll keep this but I’ll order a taco,” said John thinking that he could get an American food.

“Here’s your taco.”

John looked at the “taco.” Let’s say It didn’t really like a taco…

“A taco!?!?” exclaimed John, “This is no such thing!”

“Well.” replied the waiter, “I guess you wont get what you’re used to while you’re here.”

That shut him up.

After he was done eating, he went to hear some music. The music wasn’t like western music. No, it was much different. It was the exact opposite of western music… it was eastern music.

“Gosh, that was interesting,” said John.

Next he went back to his host. On the way back, he found that the car was running low on gas. He went to the gas station. Luckily, the gas station was normal. He had to use Israelite dollars.


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2 thoughts on “lesson 30, Israel”

  1. To anyone that sees this.

    Dear readers, I haven’t been able to post on WP do to some technical difficulties. I think my computer is old and cannot handle WP. I don’t know how long it will be until I get another computer. Until then, I wont be able to post.


  2. Lol, ““Well, are you saying that geopolitics is what effects what the Holy Land is?”” And “John looked at the “taco.” Let’s say It didn’t really like a taco…”
    That was a very entertaining but simple story. 👍 Just a tip: Next time go into a little bit of description on what was being served. For example: What did the taco have in it? Why was he horrified to try it?

    Also just thought I would add, Israel is called a “Jewish State” because it’s considered a Nation State. Wikipedia describes a Nation Stae this way:
    “A nation state is a political unit where the state and nation are congruent. It is a more precise concept than “country”, since a country does not need to have a predominant ethnic group.”

    Any ways like I said before, nice story!

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