week 6 review

Today in history, I will write an essay on the Egyptian focus on afterlife. The Egyptians’ religion was mainly based of the afterlife. You wanted to act extra careful in this life because you only got 40 years to live it out. They also had this crazy (priest class) religion that basically dictated the government. Let’s get started.

The Egyptian government was entirely controlled by their religion. Technically, the Pharaoh could to whatever he wanted. After all, he was the ruler of all righteousness. He was the spirit of a god. He actually wasn’t, but they say he is. They were also obsessed with mummies because they thought that they needed to preserve their “Ka” and “Ba” (mentioned later). The king (I will refer to the Pharaoh as Pharaoh and King interchangeably) The Pharaoh believed that he could preserve his spirit by making this giant tomb with a bunch of stuff mounted in it. The king believed that as long as his body stayed in tact, he could have his spirit remain alive. (I guess that none of the pharaohs have spirits now that they’re all torn apart!) The reason they were so focused on the afterlife was that they did want to live after their current life. They wanted to live past their current age. I mean that makes sense right? Would you want to live only up to 40 and then die?

Now, there is a possibility that the Pharaohs were actually faking this whole idea for power (which is how it was probably created). There is actually a term for that: “priest class.” That basically means that only the priest can talk to the gods and go to the temples. I think I remember that my history teacher from the 4th grade arguing that royalty were using astronomy to predict the weather cycles and made the Egyptians think they were divine god spirits.1 They most likely had someone come up with it to gain power. That does not mean every king new that it was for power. The reason I’m saying that is that eventually, the information would leak out of a king’s tongue. The way they might not have the kings informed is that, the ancestors of the kings keep it secret and it keeps going down, generation after generation.

The last thing I will discuss is how the Egyptians demonstrated their believe. One of the examples is off how they had many parties in “honor” of the Gods. One of the most noticeable examples was the pyramids. Everybody is obsessed with the pyramids. The pyramids were way bigger than the places.2 The pyramids were solely for the afterlife. They were not designed to be a graveyard (I know of no British pyramids). These pyramids would take years to build. It wasn’t some tiny building project. Even today, it would take massive capital to build a pyramid. The temples and the idols (which would take a lot of gold to make) were some other examples. They would also practice human sacrifice.

Over all, the Egyptians believed that the afterlife was important and that we need to get to it. That’s all so bye!

1My history teacher might’ve not said that. I may be confusing myself.

2This pyramid is larger than any palace I know of.


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