lesson 34

Today we learned about Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a complex process that turns raw materials into oxygen and plant food.

Take any section of a leaf and put it under a microscope. You’ll find an amazing collection of tiny factories and machines. First you encounter little green egg-shaped bodies, called chloroplasts. Their job is to convert light to chemical energy to make sugar. Each of these “eggs” is a complete factory in itself. A single cell can have dozens of these factories.1

quoted from article: Little Green Machines

Plant’s are made up of individual cells. These cells independently make energy and oxogen. They use a process called Photosynthesis. Photo means light; synthesis, putting together. The way they do it is they take a combination of water (h2o), carbon dioxide (co2), light, and some minerals. Chloroplasts are the first means of doing that.2 Each cell can have dozens of chloroplasts.1

In turning the chloroplasts into chemicals, they release some byproducts. The byproduct is oxygen (o2). From there the oxygen goes into our lungs, and we exhale carbon which the plants use to make oxygen and so on!

That’s it for this essay. I hope you enjoyed! Bye!

1Little Green Machines, by Pam Sheppard and Roger Sanders, posted on Answers in Genesis.

2Chloroplasts are what turn it into chemicals; from there other cells may convert it into other chemicals.


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