lesson 32

Today, we learned about plant classification. I will describe 3 plants I found in my backyard.


Pecan is a tree that grows in my area. Pecans a very oily foods. My pecan tree (I have 3, two of them are combined in one; I also have a really small one that fits in a smallish pot.) in my backyard is a big one (I believe the bigger of the group) shoots strait up and has a canopy (no climbing DX). The pecan tree produces a lot of pecans. I think it will produce this year but none have fallen (ripe) yet.


The clover is a plant in my area that many are familiar with. The clover is a plant that makes hitchhikers. Clovers are a plant in my area that is considered a weed to many gardeners. Clovers, when not taken care of, can grow pretty all fo a plant like it. It produces seed. That is it for the clover.


Rosemary is a plant in my backyard that produces many flowers. Rosemary has relatively small leaves. It is a vine. Rosemary is planted in one of my in-ground beds.

I hope you enjoyed this essay! Bye!


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